Fika with Sarah Bernhardt

I finally feel really settled here in Sweden. I say ‘finally’ because there was a period at the start of my time here when I would spontaneously burst into tears at the mention of things like ‘library card’, ‘photocopier’ and ‘bank account’.

The good vibrations Sweden and I are currently surfing on can be attributed to one phenomenon. The word is ‘Fika’. Simply put, ‘fika’ is a hot drink (tea or coffee) and a bun eaten with friends. A race Continue reading


Hej! I’m Niamh.

I thought for this first post I would start with the basics, or the not-so-basic as the case may be; my name – Niamh.

First things first. In case you don’t know me well (in which case you will soon stop reading due to the uncomfortably narcissistic nature of this post) I am an student of English literature and Gaeilge (Irish language or ‘Gaelic’) from Co. Tipperary, Ireland and I’m currently on exchange in Sweden.

If you come from somewhere other than Éire, firstly be happy that you aren’t followed around by a temperamental rain-cloud all-day and secondly Continue reading